A Room of One’s Own

This post is part of my 30 During Thirty list. Read more about it here.

6. Finish Bug’s nursery.

I have another confession. Jared and I have lived in our home for almost four and half years and I have yet to finish a room.  I know that those in the home decor world would argue that no room is ever really finished, but in my case 50% of the rooms have never been touched.

I actually have an interest in home decor. I subscribe to Better Homes & Gardens, read a number of shelter blogs, and “pin” inspiration rooms on Pinterest, but for one reason or another, the rooms I have touched haven’t gotten past the walls being painted.

When I found out we were expecting Bug, I swore that was all going to change, starting with her nursery. We made some good progress, but in the end, just ran out of time. I was one of those naive, soon-to-be first time moms, who thought I would have time to work on it while I was home on maternity leave (cue laughter here) but obviously that didn’t happen.

I am determined to get that room completed so I added it to my list. Of course, I will share my progress along the way, and because I want to start including more photos on the blog, here are some of the room that were taken on the day we moved in. It already looks a little different, but it gives you a reference point.

Nursery Before - 1

Nursery Before - 2

Nursery Before - 3

Nursery Closet Before


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